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Autopilot Type Certificate Awarded

The Angel 44 pusher twin is now available with an S-Tec System Fifty Five X autopilot.

The amendment to the type design was awarded FAA approval on September 26th, 2008. The autopilot communicates with a Garmin 530W to provide IFR-approved GPS navigation, including coupled precision approaches.

Aspen Avionics EFD 1000 and Garmin G600 are approved options as well.

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Angel N1012Q Auto pilot equipped

N1012Q To Sail Down Under

Angel N1012Q is ready for service with an Australian operator.  The shiny new Angel sports an attractive white, blue and green design to compliment the new owner's logo.

Angel N1012Q to Austrailia

FAA Grants Angel Aircraft Production Certificate

Greg Benson (pictured on right), Manager of the FAA's Kansas City Manufacturing Inspection District Office, presented Carl Mortenson, President of Angel Aircraft Corporation, with Production Certificate number 342CE on Tuesday, September 23rd, 2003, in front of Angel serial number 003 at the production facility in Orange City, Iowa. This is a very significant milestone for AAC, and we are grateful to God and to our many faithful supporters.

Insurance Coverage — AIG Insurance Company has determined that it will provide insurance, including hull insurance, for Angel airplanes at a standard rate.

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